Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Eye Tattooing

Shannon says they adopted "a really simple, lo-tech approach" to the procedure. His eye was held open, using a forefinger and thumb, as the pigment, which is the exact same type you would use in a regular tattoo, was injected into his eyeball.

"We injected pigment under the top layer of the eye using a syringe, which, to the best of my knowledge, has never been done before, either medically or cosmetically."

(Via Aberrant News.)

Can ink-black "Communion"-style eyes be far behind?


Anonymous said...

They already make and sell full eye contacts, including in black.

It's already been done. I know of a case of a woman pulling a con from 15 years ago who employed these contacts to delude a "ufo researcher"--since he was already a quite gullible "believer", the trick was quite effective. For a short time.

Injecting tattoo dye into the sclera of the eyeball seems to me to be a very, very bad idea.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking Fremen eyes myself.

- razorsmile anonypost

weevee - ydugrab (why do you grab? Heh)

Mac said...

Fremen eyes! Of course!