Sunday, October 14, 2007

Insects, Yoga, and Ayahuasca

"Fold your wings like this, dear, and tuck them underneath you," said an unfamiliar, though kindly, voice that seemed to emanate from inside my head.

"My wings?" I asked aloud, confused by the instructions. "Do you mean my legs?"

"Yes, yes, bend your legs . . . and your other legs too."

And so began what can only be described as a yoga asana lesson taught to me by a startlingly large praying mantis-like creature during an ayahuasca ceremony in the Peruvian Amazon.

I'm fascinated by the recurrence of praying mantis-like beings in accounts of altered consciousness. They were mentioned by Philip K. Dick and appear with almost dreary regularity among alien abduction narratives. Sometimes I wish I had the requisite psychological stamina to explore the phenomenon firsthand; for better or worse, caffeine remains my drug of choice.


Tony F. said...

There appears to be some sort of praying-mantis shaped craft in that photo... could be a serious breakthrough!

e said...

Cliff Pickover writes extensively on this:

Mac said...

Thanks, Elan. I remember seeing this but I didn't think of it until you reminded me.

Anonymous said...

My theory is that UFOnauts/"aliens" have discovered a way to manipulate that part of the human brain which experiences altered states of consciousness. I've also noted that the majority of abduction reports resemble experiences induced by hallucinogenic drugs like mushrooms or LSD. "Greys" are also striking similar to so-called entities that people see when they're on DMT. Therefore I've concluded that somehow the abductors are manipulating these areas of the brain during an abduction, possibly because it makes abductees easier to control.