Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Teleglass T4-N wearable monitor

Teleglass T4-N connects to any NTSC-capable video player (including iPods) and delivers images directly to the eye via a pair of tiny monitors tucked away behind the lenses. The 640 x 480 screen resolution at close proximity simulates the effect of watching a 45-inch screen from 2 meters (6 feet) away, and each monitor can be focused and adjusted for an optimal picture that reduces eye strain. Audio is delivered through a pair of frame-mounted earphones.


Anonymous said...

still only 640x480? Horrible eye strain ensues..I thought by now LCD's are cheap enough they could make it at least 1024. This is still not a very acceptable solution

Mac said...

This is still not a very acceptable solution

Yeah, but if they're popular enough someone will make better ones. I can see these eventually becoming as common as Bluetooth headsets.

Blue Sky Hunter said...

I have something similar for the television. I haven't been able to use it due to a missing power cord. But it's supposed to simulate a 50 inch television or something.