Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More dubious UFO footage -- this time supposedly from 1952:

As Dustin at OddThings points out, this video might effectively serve as a recreation of an authentic (if under-appreciated) UFO event.


Anonymous said...

See also:

(Will Allen's Wash. D.C. ufo site)

Dustin said...

Thanks Mac. It seems like a legit story to me. I've heard about it for a long time, and I've never really heard anyone attempt to debunk it. If it gets some new life from this dubious footage, it might actually serve to get it the publicity it seems to deserve.

Anonymous said...

I don't think this is actual film or enhanced video of any film. I think it's roughly based on the famous yellowish picture of the capitol dome with several pairs of lighted "ufo's/uap/'s" in the background, which was/is a legit photo of some of the objects or lights seen on two consecutive July 1952 weekends around and near Washington, D.C.

See the website above for a better still, original photo of one aspect of one "overflight" of uap's over the capitol in Washington.

I assume the created film or video is for illustration purposes [that Mac links to].

Mac said...


Probably the definitive book on the subject is Kevin Randle's "Invasion Washington."

Anonymous said...

The film does look phony. And reading the story, I'm starting to wonder if the military or CIA themselves weren't actually faking these "reports" of sightings, outrunning jets, etc. As I've indicated before, I'm certainly no expert on the subject, but every story like this I read just makes me more and more suspicious as to the real source of "UFO-mania."

Thus, if I ever WERE to attempt to become an expert, my default working hypothesis would be that the entire phenomenon is actually some kind of government psy-ops. I would, of course, be open to being proved wrong but I suspect holding this idea as an hypothesis might provide a lot of insight (so to speak) into "sightings" and enable one really to detect disinformation patterns, etc.

--W.M. Bear

Dustin said...

Mac, absolutely. Been on my amazingly long "must read" list. I haven't heard much about it, other than it's one not to miss.

W.M. Bear, I, personally, am open to the idea that many, if not most, UFO sightings today are government related in one way or another. However, saying that explains it ignores thousands if not tens of thousands of years of UFO history.

Mac said...

"Invasion Washington" is dry reading, but Randle's research is worth it.

Anonymous said...

dustin -- I basically agree. I'm not really referring to the kinds of folkloric encounters (with elves, fairies, even gods, etc.) that Vallee, for example, refers in his books). I'm really talking about post-Roswell "flying saucer" type UFO "sightings" of the kind described in this story. These kinds of descriptions, especially your basic "pilot encounter" narrative, have always struck me as highly suspicious. I think some of them may even be "military pranks," i.e. not even as serious as formal "psy-ops" games.


Anonymous said...

If this footage is fake, based on the frame by frame analysis and examination of the anomalous light sources imaged on this footage, how did the creator manufacture light sources which were impervious to advanced image analysis? The samples are like those I imaged in HD, at the US Capitol.