Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm not into guns; I find them narcissistic and creepy. But if someone gave me this I'd probably keep it.

(Hats off to Boing Boing!)


Anonymous said...

Cuddly pink AKs DO have a certain perverse appeal.... (In one picture of Iraqi insurgents I saw somewhere -- maybe here -- they looked like they were toting pink designer RPG launchers. Maybe designer weaponry is the wave of the future -- at any rate, it strikes me that it would make a great gimmick for some sci-fi movie or other....

Anonymous said...

>> I find them narcissistic and creepy

Uh.. sorry to burst your bubble, but how exactly do you plan on stopping the masses of undead who will be wandering the Earth in search of human flesh after 2012? A harsh scolding?

Blunt trauma weapons have little effect you know - you have to remove the brain, and a well placed 12 guage blast works wonders.

Mac, when 2012 comes, don't get caught with your pants down - start stockpiling now!

Mac said...


You make a good point. DIE, MOTHERF*CKERS!!!!

Anonymous said...

"I'm not into guns; I find them narcissistic and creepy. But if someone gave me this I'd probably keep it."

Wow. One of the more cognitively dissonant statements you've made, Mac. If they are so "narcissistic" [huh?] and "creepy", why would you want a way-overpriced AK-47 with a knit "Hello Kitty" stock stocking, tacky paint job, and engraved "artist" signature??

Hell, let's face it: most guns are purchased for killing and/or maiming, either offensively or, primarily, defensively.

Or at least that's how most gun owners who are not just esthetically appreciative collectors probably see as being the main reason for owning one.

So if I spend over a thousand dollars (nearly double standard US domestic pricing, and not quite "legal" in any case, depending on your area's jurisdiction/laws, anyway) to gift you with one, would you want it purely for esthetic reasons or potentially for defensive reasons?

I would have to posit, based on your "narcissistic and creepy" comment that you would prefer the gun to be shipped to you in a state of non-functionality--would this be correct?

If not, and you want something _really_ cool, check out the latest automatic rifles the British SAS, MI6, and US Secret Service are now using for weapons much more sophisticated than the antique, not very good AK-47.

I personally prefer the newer ceramic and graphite based, very small semi-auto .38's now available that you can legally purchase, hold up to 9 bullets in a clip with one in the chamber, and can be discreetly carried via back or calf holster for travel in some of the more "difficult" areas I occasionally traverse in my more esoteric travels for defensive purposes. Just my 2...