Sunday, October 14, 2007

People of Massachusetts to be Having Sex With Robots by 2012

MSNBC is running a report on the impending likelihood of legalized marital relations with robots. They have word from a leading researcher at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, Dr. Levy, who seems to think peeps will be getting freaky with their robots by 2012, with marriage following by 2050.

I know I've already posted on this, but I refuse to sit idly by without milking the "sex with robots" meme for everything it's worth.

Specifically, I'm skeptical about the 2012 date cited above. I'm willing to bet there are roboticists getting amorous with their creations right now -- for research purposes, of course.

And maybe it's just me, but no one seems to have commented on the potential sexbots might have on population growth. If these things are as good as techno-pundits anticipate, they may well prove to be the ultimate contraceptive (unless we're seduced by a lusty new version of Second Life before androids have time to catch on, which is probably the more likely scenario).


Anonymous said...

It might have an effect on the population growth, but not on the right one.

Geeks and PhDs and rich people of the first world will do it, so THEY will go extinct. If we go down this line of thought, next century will be a black/Chinese/fundamentalist one, with inteligent life coming out of Africa again to populate the rich and deserted plains of US and EU.

Hell, maybe that's how it happened the last time too :P I feel a great sci-fi novel coming out of this idea :D

This comment sounds rasist, although this was not my intention.

Anonymous said...

And we won't have to buy them dinner....

--MA Resident

Anonymous said...

See for your current android-like love doll.

For only $6500 you, too, can pursue the penultimate affectation of modern western alienation and misanthropic disaffecton with those messy, human interactions. Order yours today!

Anonymous said...

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