Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Computer Program Writes Its Own Fiction

MEXICA, is the first program to generate original stories based on computerized representations of emotions and tensions between characters.

I figure this thing has to be better than Michael Crichton.


Katie said...

Not to mention most fanfiction I've read. :o)

stankan said...

Hey, I like Michael Crichton. A very good long airplane trip read.


razorsmile said...

My comment to "U.S. university to build 'soft-bodied' robots" really should have been here. Oh well,

I was recently listening to a download of the "Musical Languages" episode of NPR's Radio Lab and came across David Cope's work. Short version, it's a computer program he develped (in the 80s, no less!) that can compose music in the style of any of your favorite classical music all-stars - Bach, Mahler etc.