Wednesday, January 24, 2007

If you have an hour to spare (and who doesn't?), I heartily recommend spending it listening to Terence McKenna explain the shamanic potential of the UFO phenomenon.

McKenna's take is eloquent and eminently topical: we have outgrown our planet, and we're being ushered into a new stage of evolution that's dependent on a new understanding of and appreciation for the human imagination.

The alternative? Nothing short of pathology and extinction.

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W.M. Bear said...

One optimistic note -- If we are (as I believe) being "cultivated" as a species by godlike beings (whom it really makes no sense to call "ETIs" since they are, in effect, actually gods), then it seems unlikely that they're about to let millions of years of effort just go down the tubes. (Although you never know, I guess!) This is not to say that "they" will not practice some form of drastic "pruning" in order to "improve" the species (at least to their -- incomprehensible to us -- way of thinking). This could be the great Dieback everyone is also talking about.

And you know, folks, I'm writing this without taking anything except a ton of vitamin supplements. Ah feel GOOD!!!