Saturday, March 01, 2008

Future Blogger's posted an interview with me. I happen to like this one, especially as it encompasses my fascination with a lot of the subjects found here at Posthuman Blues.

Fearless Futurist Mac Tonnies Goes Off On Mars

"A futurist is someone who can take a look at a strip-mall and experience instinctual fear."

Exemplifying that role is Mac Tonnies, a futurist and sci-fi author who enjoys exploring everything from post-humanity to the paranormal. Armed with zingers like the quote at top and a keen sense of wit, Mac enjoys walking the line between reality and science fiction, much like contemporary Vernor Vinge (who also happens to be featured on the site today).

To go straight to the interview itself, click here.


Anonymous said...

Very solid interview...and thanks for the Katrina-like storm prediction. Living here on the southern tip of the Florida peninsula that's a very comforting prediction.


Justin said...

Has Gibson had much to say about global warming and the effects on coastal cities? Given that he lives in Vancouver, which has seen some spectacular storms over the last few years, I'd imagine the subject would be on his doppler radar.

kcotae said...

Nature has speeded up mans evolution in order that "she" can escape the confines of the planet earth. Her seed is destined to travel the cosmos. That is, if ETs intergalactic "police" will allow us.
A dangerous species mankind...