Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I genuinely liked the first half of "I Am Legend." I thought the second was gratuitous and condescending.

Fortunately, this alternate ending does much to redeem the sense of loss that the first half so meticulously cements in the viewer's subconscious. No more sentimental "God makes everything OK" bullshit.

The film still ends on a hopeful note, but it's no longer a whorish appeal to the emotional lowest common denominator. In fact, it's the kind of hope I'm willing to live with (although I reserve the right to protest).


Anonymous said...

Agree TOTALLY! I was ecstatic to see the alternate ending when it appeared on AintItCool. The movie had such potential in the beginning which lost all bearing when they went Bible thumping.

I want this new version buttoned up on High-Def so that I can watch it anew!


Mac said...

It's still no match for the *book*, of course, but it's a hell of an improvement.