Friday, March 14, 2008

Japan marvels at its Moon movies

The very latest footage was unveiled at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston, Texas.

It includes amazing pictures of "Earth rise" over the lunar horizon and of the "terminator", the boundary between the Moon's day side and night side.

"It is quite a spectacular view," said Dr Rie Honda, from Japan's Kochi University, a collaborator on the Selene mission.

Take a few moments to soak up the jaw-dropping, vertiginous beauty of Earth rising above the lunar surface. All that's missing is a Vangelis soundtrack.


Anonymous said...


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Mac said...

"Stellar combat without limits"? Who could turn down such an offer?

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kcotae said...

What's to marvel at? Just one mass of rock rising over another mass of rock...Standard solar system issue!

Anonymous said...

My daughter asked for me:

How can there be an "Earth Rise" (as seen at the japonese film), if the moon shows to us allways the same face?

I couldn't explain to her, but searching at the WEB, I found out the right answer:

It happens because the japonese probe is moving, getting near the Earth sight focus.

So, I keep on thinking...
Then, the "jap" probe was on the hiddem side of the moon...!
Did they photographed the alien ruins that some people say it's there?
Or are the japonese following the "Brooks politcs", too?
The NASA, ESA, and now... the Rising Sun?!??