Friday, October 03, 2008

I've deactivated my Facebook account. This is the second time I've done so and most likely the last. I hope I can continue to remain in touch with Facebook contacts through email, which is how many of us met in the first place.


RRRGroup said...

Why the Facebook deactivation?


Anonymous said...

because i spend too much time on it?
because of these off-the-wall threats?
because it gets me into alot of trouble?
because I was getting fed up of badly behaved applications spamming my friends list despite telling it not to?
because of all that *****?
because well facebook does not let me delete my account?
because when my name was googled my profile picture showed?
because I don’t have time and I thought I should instead work more on my thesis or write?
because I got tired of people I never liked IRL back in high school wanting to 'connect' with me?
because of all this hype?
because I'm completely over it?
because it was adding everyone in my gmail as friends and freaking me out?
because I stopped being in high school 5 years ago?
because all it has caused me is drama?
because of the effect it was having on me?
because I was finding it far too distracting?
because I was sick of all the shit that came along with it?
because I think it's not safe to post my pictures and personal information online anymore?
because i love working in the place i work now, and don't want to change it because of a wall post that my boss can see?
because I figured the hundreds of people who I suddenly reconnected with would've still been in my life if they were meant to be?
because it was too ridiculous?
because I felt it was serving no real redeeming purpose?
because it annoyed the shit out of me?
because I had become enslaved to reading about other people's little life details in an effort to stave off boredom?
because what was the point of having a facebook and a myspace?

Mac said...


All of the above! Well, not *all* of the above, but your point is duly noted.

FWIW, here's the message I emailed to Facebook contacts:

Hi (and sorry for the mass mail),

I've deactivated my Facebook account and wanted to assure any fellow users that the decision wasn't remotely personal; I'd simply grown tired of the interface. (There's little I can do with Facebook that I can't do with email. Plus, I dislike the lack of autonomy endemic to Facebook and found the latest rollout somewhat top-heavy and needlessly complicated.)

There you have it!