Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Judging from an email I received today, at least one reader didn't much like my post on human-alien hybridization. Here's a choice paragraph:

The absurd stupidity, of not a true immersion in the data, dammit Mac there are big ships that hang out in the atlantic send scores of transport buses into NY, long island etc and the abductees are taken to auditorium sized exam rooms with hundreds of tables assembly lines of hybrid generation.--some nights--and the incubatoriums have thusands of cells with hybrids in them.

"Dammit Mac" indeed. Apparently I'm just totally out of touch.


Anonymous said...

Do you have the full e-mail handy Mac. There's something interesting in that rant relating to other info I've seen.


Anonymous said...

OMG, this is hilarious. A decade ago I did a logistical analysis of the requirements to maintain an infrastructure to support the claim by abductee proponents that 1 in 40 persons have been abducted. Using historical data on military logistics, I determined that if one were to operate the abduction system on Earth, you would need a minimum of 1000 UFO craft operating on a full-time sortie rotation (aka like in wartime), or 10,000 craft under a peacetime operational basis. Furthermore, you would need, at a very minimum, 100,000 personnel on Earth supporting the abduction system with all its logistical needs (this is in the wartime scenario, the numbers go up obviously with more craft needed).

These numbers were if the operation was solely run on Earth. If the craft had to exit Earth atmosphere and travel to the moon, another planet, then these logistical requirements start growing exponentially. Don't even get me started on possible interstellar travel, the energy requirements, and the wear and tear on equipment placed by such extreme travel (these sort of numbers tend to remain constant no matter what your level of technology, higher technology simply expands the envelope of possibility).

The odds of some global operation of this scope remaining in secrecy, without regular UFO craft crashes in public (to a degree similar to the crash rate for civil and military aircraft) exposing everything, remain nil. The odds of aliens being caught in public, in daylight, by parties not "in on the conspiracy", are so high that it is virtually impossible for an abduction campaign of this scope to operate.

And no, I am not a critic or debunker. I invite proponents to actually study logistics enough and apply what they learn to estimate the size of the operation they claim exists.

Mac said...


Yeah, I've got the whole thing. Drop me an email and I'll send the message in its entirety (although with the sender's name politely excised).


Yes, you *are* a debunker -- and there's nothing wrong with that if the subject is, in fact, bunk. And the uber-paranoid notion that aliens are abducting hundreds or thousands of people per night and hauling them off to secret labs is about as laughably idiotic as you can get.