Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just a friendly heads-up:

ET is coming on vacation

The mediums, Blossom Goodchild, an Australian actress, author and direct-voice medium, and Mike Quinsey, a well-known United States-based medium, say they have been contacted by the galactic Federation of Light who have made it known that they will park their massive space ship over Alabama "in the south of your hemisphere" on October 14, and will remain there for three days.

The visitation to humans has been brought forward from the initially planned End of Days in 2012 because of the damage being caused to the planet by man and the fact that "dark forces" remain in charge.


mad said...

It's people like Goodchild, and the thousands of twits who have been babbling about this 1000 pages for the past month, that kinda makes me long for the days of the Inquisition...

Anonymous said...

"The Galactic Federation of Light"...sheesh, couldn't they at least try to come up with a better name? That's sooo 60's sci-fi ;)


intense said...

I had been wondering if/when this bogus prediction would be mentioned here.

So, let's see; some goofball named "Blossom Goodchild" (now why do I doubt that's her given name?) channels some "ET message" from "Cosmic Beings known as The Federation of Light" that a 2000 mile wide UFO will show up on Oct. 14 and remain in the skies for 3 days. Maybe near Alabama. Or possibly the southern hemisphere.

Oh, and guess what? You can read all about these "cosmic beings" in Goodchild's new book, "The Bridge" for only $25 (e-book version is $15). Among other books she has for sale.

What utter, bilious crap!

Gee, anyone find coincidence in the Moon, with a diameter of a little over 2000 miles, being full on Oct. 14th? Maybe she'll point to the Moon, surrounded by her fellow delusionalistas, and say, "See? There it is!"

Mac said...

Hey, I'll take Goodchild's cosmic light-show over the Christian "rapture" any day.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'll take Goodchild's cosmic light-show over the Christian "rapture" any day.

Hmmm, maybe when the Singularity AI "gods" arrive, they'll get the Rapture right! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Alabama? I asked myself, why Alabama? The only thing I can think of is "Bass Tournament", sure that's it, there must be a Bass Tournament that weekend.


intense said...

October 16th:

Here's Ms. Goodchild's apologetic, humiliated comment on the "Federation of Light's" "disappointing" no-show:

Really kind of sad, actually. She doesn't even realize she's delusional.

Anonymous said...

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