Friday, October 10, 2008

UFOs Have Been Filmed At Bruce Springsteen Concert

The flying objects were seen above a Philadelphia concert by Bruce in support of US presidential candidate Barack Obama on October 4.

A group of mysterious grey dots flew in an apparent formation across the sky above the concert stage during Bruce's performance. The UFOs were spotted while it was still light and the sky was relatively clear.

Given Springsteen's lengthy pro-Obama/anti-Bush speech, I seriously have to wonder if the UFOs were recon drones sent to keep watch on the crowd. It wouldn't be the first time small unmanned craft have been spotted monitoring protesters.

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intense said...

See the video here:

Still frame enhancement:


Probable balloons

Note to Mac:

Recon UAV's would not/do not fly in groups for surveillance, as that would be both redundant, difficult to remotely pilot/coordinate, and would also be visually revealing or non-stealthy.