Saturday, March 28, 2009

It bears repeating.

Earth Hour. Because the World Isn't Worth a Whole Day. (Peter Watts)

Ninety percent of the world's charismatic megafauna is gone. Hormone disrupters are turning the fish off Lakeshore into hermaphrodites, if the tumors don't get them first. The Arctic is heading for ice-free status by 2030, the Wilkins Ice Shelf is a measly six kilometers away from disintegration, air pollution in this miserable dick-ass excuse for a country alone helps kill 16,000 people a year. How do we rise to this challenge? How do we lie in this bed we have made?

Earth Hour. Sixty minutes during which we turn out the lights and pat ourselves on the back for saving the planet.

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Anonymous said...

All I know is that I was late at work one hour because they turned the clock one hour ahead in the middle of the knight.
Fucking freaks.

Oh yeah, earth hour, I heard about that. Must say I didn't notice that either. So did it help? Are we getting colder yet? What a joke. Anyway, what Peter Watts said. :D