Monday, March 23, 2009


Whitley Strieber's new journal entry is -- surprise! -- surpassingly bizarre.

In "2012," Daniel Pinchbeck astutely notes that Strieber's alleged visitors behave like the unfathomable assistants and underlings that people Franz Kafka's novels and stories. The incident related in the above-mentioned essay is certainly no exception.

Has the term "Strieberesque" already been coined . . . ?


Anonymous said...

Aaaaaaah. Strieber. You know, I have this funny little feeling that this guy just might not be telling the whole truth. Don't ask me why. Could be embellishing. Can't put my finger on it. Hummph. ScareFi?

"Has the term "Strieberesque" already been coined . . . ? Yep.

Google: "Strieberesque"--48 results. [Including one use by Greg Bishop in comments on your blog from Feb. 9th, 2008: "It was prescient and almost Strieberesque: 'We want you to believe in us, but not too much.'"]

Tristan Eldritch said...

Actually think that at his best, Streiber is one of America's great surrealists, up there with Lynch!

Mac said...


Great comparison!

Anonymous said...

The owls are not what they seem!

Kartott said...

There is certainly the trickster element to this, signaling an edge-of-reality threshold event.