Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sight unseen

(Thanks: Urban Prankster.)


XiXiDu said...

Cool. Although nobody needs to be homeless in Germany. You get your apartment, food etc. paid by the government if you cannot effort it yourself. These people often just don't want to live of gov. money or are drug addicts etc.

Anonymous said...

I went to the comments intending to say the same thing. I've talked about this with friends and they more or less share the same opinion.
Most people think that most homeless people (in the well developed part of Europe) are in their situation more by choice than anything else, or have a screw loose, or both. This might be a reason why people don't give money, another might be that they think it won't help them but instead motivate them to just keep on begging instead of trying to get their life back on track. (Give a man a fish...)
I am not a social worker, I might be totally wrong.
People have the same opinion about beggers, though most people probably don't know that many are women or children exploited/sent out by men, often Roma or other gypsies.

James said...

they should play 9-11 footage on the hobo's coat

Mac said...

William Burroughs was involved in early film experimentation along these lines. He'd have the faces of others projected onto his own, which must have been trippy, especially for the time period.