Sunday, March 15, 2009

Missing time

Mike Clelland has posted an intriguing account of a possible UFO incident, complete with apparent "missing time," a phenomenon brought to light by journalist John Fuller ("The Interrupted Journey") and researchers such as Budd Hopkins.

Mike doesn't recall seeing any aliens; technically, he didn't even see a UFO. But his experience is certainly strange and unsettling.

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Mike Clelland! said...

Mac - I should hire you as my marketing agent.

The orange flash story is strange, but the follow up (or previous?) posting about Cindy Castle is even weirder!

My definition of reality has been forced to change.

It seems like "the universe" (whatever that means) is trying to erase all my self doubts with these heavy handed synchronicities. Every time I get stuck and find it hard to believe my own memories, I get hit with SUCH weirdness, that it forces me to re-think my doubts.

And - I'm eventually gunna post the thing about seeing five gray aliens in my yard. Soon.

Mike C!