Friday, September 28, 2007

Bullets fired by William S. Burroughs are up for auction on eBay. Somebody buy this for me!

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dr. lecter's detached lips said...

Why? Bidding starts at $200, and they are expected to sell for between $300 to $500--surely you can afford such a sentimental treasure.

Actually, the whole idea is rather grotesque.

But, if you're headed in that dark ballistic direction, why not just find out where Joan Vollmer is buried, dig up her grave, and take her skull with the most famous bullet Burroughs ever fired inside it?

(That is, if the bullet wasn't extracted. Should be some fragments left, however.)

The skull whould look nice on the mantel over your fireplace. You could place a small bowl of gravenstein apples next to it, and, when in the mood, invite some friends over, put an apple on top of the skull, and use paintball guns to both practice target shooting and abstract Jackson Pollock-style wall decorating in a quaintly esoteric fashion--action painting, for sure!

To complete this small panoply, a miniature plasticine figure of William Tell, complete with full regalia of hat, bow, and quiver of arrows, should be placed next to the skull. Fashion a tiny handgun to place in the figure's free hand, and complete the scenario by painting a subtle yet sardonic smile on the Tell figurine. That should complete the display.

Now _that_ would be a collector's item (and cute related history) you could tell your grandchildren about! If they run screaming from the room, well, what the heck! They're might be a tad too young to appreciate such humorous delights, anyhow. Such a pity!

(Talk about grotesque, sardonic ruminations...) ;')