Saturday, September 29, 2007

The scroll-wheel on my optical mouse just died. I had no idea how reliant on that thing I'd become. Damn it!


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain--suggest using hand to move mouse.

Mac said...

Catastrophe averted! I had a spare mouse in another room.

Dramatic stuff, huh?

Anonymous said...

Your mouse's scroll-wheel did not die in vane. Your post made me wake up and smell the 21st century and start learning how to use mine (roughly a 2-minute process). I just realized that all these recent years of work in the computer industry, I've been looking dorky because I've continued to use the old-fashioned scroll bar, mainly out of sheer mental laziness. DORKY NO MORE!!!

--W.M. Bear

Mac said...


A Phoenix rises from the ashes!

Me, I need that scroll wheel like a junky needs a fix.

Anonymous said...

I'm a fix that needs a junkie like some need a scroll wheel...what?!