Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Drone UFO video in Kentucky.

On August 28th this year, Kentucky resident Jeromy Staggs was filming the lunar eclipse to show his four year old daughter the next day. Using a high quality Sony model DCR-HC21 Mr staggs waited for the eclipse to begin and began filming the event. He managed to get 7 - 8 minutes of the rare celestial show - and then perhaps something more unusual moved into view.

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The main similarity which has struck most of those in the know, is the amazing resemblance Mr Staggs video has with all the 'Drone' pictures which have come forward during this summer.

(Via The Anomalist.)

The resemblance is tenuous but intriguing, as is the object's conspicuous presence during an eclipse. Hoax or not, the "drone" was intended to be seen.


mr. intense said...

Oddly, there was a "significant" ufo event in 2003, again in the Morehead, Kentucky area. Kenny Young, since deceased, investigated it. It was known as the "screaming woman" ufo incident. The screaming woman was never found--maybe it was yodeling deer.

See: http://tinyurl.com/2vmbuu

See also:
for a somewhat sensationalized you tube video presentation about the case.

Mac said...

Ah! The "screaming woman" case! I know of it but missed the Kentucky angle. Interesting.

mr. ontense said...

There is a very detailed discussion about this latest "drone" sighting and video on the Open Minds Forum, with the videographer, Jeremy Staggs, participating about halfway through.

Lots of speculation and interesting graphics. The discussion forum for this incident is now up to 19 pages.

See: http://tinyurl.com/2bjps9

Personally, I have my doubts, but think the issue should be investigated/explored.

Anonymous said...

Tee hee, well you guys know my somewhat heated take on the dismissive slant everyone took with the Drone story. That whole much touted Halo3 viral campaign angle never did play out (and never will in my opinion). And there is still no conclusive, nail-in-the-coffin evidence that these are CG renders (that has all been painstakingly debunked and thrown out as reactionary, largely speculative nonsense).

Rather than overtly throwing the baby out with the bath water, the "Open Minds Forum" has done some frankly pretty exhaustive study on the original photos and related materials. Sure there's some digging to do in order to filter the meatheads out but if you can sift through the garbage posts there is some truly stunning investigation going on.

I salute their tenacity and continue to follow the story with great interest.


Dustin said...

I'm actually a member over at OMF after some issues between us, and I have to agree. They've done some great work. I happen to, personally, believe that there hasn't been one piece of drone evidence that can't be put in serious doubt, at the very least, and much of it can be flat out proven as fakes.

At some point I'll have to write an extensive post about my (non)involvement in this one and how I've been given so many "leads" by people "in the know" only to have them turn out to be flat out fakes. I really believe, at this point, that there's someone pushing this for reasons unknown. Maybe there's some legitimacy to it, and someone's trying to cloud the waters, but I feel like the entire story's probably some kind of smoke screen.

That said, I salute OMF's work and hope that they see something positive from it. There's some good, smart people there who really seem to believe that they're onto something.