Friday, September 28, 2007

Crash: Architectures Of The Near Future

This year Unit 15 will continue its research into 'synthetic space', that is spaces that exist as hybrids of the 'actual' and the 'virtual', by examining speculative, narrative architectures, based on the work of the writer J G Ballard. J G Ballard is one of the most original and distinctive authors of the last part of the C20th, and beginning of the C21st. His writing has encompassed topics as diverse as ecological crisis to technological fetishism and augmentation, and from urban ruination to suburban mob culture, and he has pursued these topics with a wit and inventiveness that is without comparison.

(Via Ballardian.)

That's right: an architecture course inspired by and based upon the works of J.G. Ballard. This is something of an intellectual wet dream come true.

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mink mental dada teacup said...

Let's just hope some deranged student doesn't take this class so seriously that he decides to crash a stolen '59 Cadillac DeVille into the classroom involved as some bizarre alternative to turning in his final paper for the class...