Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Gibsonian moment:

Interactive supermodel hologram ad

The 3D ad system features an external touch-screen control panel that allows aspiring fashion coordinators to select from 4 situations -- "Date," "Work," "Party" and "Holiday" -- and arrange 12 different fall/winter outfits for Anne's hologram, who walks around in the glass-enclosed booth showing off the selected clothes.


haldane said...

Idoru...I can still see in my mind's eye that strange translucent tank moving around the weird nightclub in that book.

I once had a chance to talk with Gibson about cattle mutilations and ufos once in the early 90's when he was on a book tour, and visited an acquaintance's book store. It was a very strange conversation. Sure would like to see Gibson tackle the ufo/alien perplex. Now _that_ might be some book!

Mac said...

The Franz Kafka theme bar?