Thursday, March 06, 2008

I'd never pegged myself for much of a "Japanese hiphop" kind of guy, but I really like this video.

(Thanks to alert reader Steve S. for the tip.)

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Steve S. said...

Japanese technic hip-hop using MFC sampling machines, plus a ton of other electronica. Whooda thunk it?

Here's another Hifana video, the visually enticing story of two fisherman going after "the big one":

Many more Hifana weird-ass music videos at YouTube, of course.

Just wish I'd taken myself up on the idea I had one day of a keyboard-based retinue of the best guitar licks and power chords to play like a wild piano. Idea #47,213. Vintage: 25 years ago. Might have ended up an electronica jammer. Oh well. Hip-ho! 8^}