Monday, March 03, 2008

Is The Stephenville UFO Making The Rounds in St. Louis?

I could not tell a shape but they were just 2 pulsing red lights, just red and moving fast with one following another. I heard no noise at all.

Just as they were disappearing I heard jets flying to the west of me going in the same direction. I see many planes and helicopters were I live, but these were like nothing I have ever seen before.

UFOs finally visit Missouri and they choose St. Louis. I can only hope Kansas City's on their itinerary.


Anonymous said...


It is my sincere desire that "they" do visit you in your home town.

I would love to read the post you would write describing your experience.


Tony F. said...

If they do visit Kansas City I hope they make a stop over in Lee's Summit. Only lived there for three years, but the place could use some "livening up."

Cap'n Marrrrk said...

A) That's not fair. I live in St. Louis, and I'm pissed nobody dropped in for visit.

I often see lights in the sky and I often say, "Turn 90 degrees, turn 90 degrees...shit."

B) That report is very light on details, STL has a large metropolitan area. Where was it?

C) No other mentions in the local paper.

D) Perhaps they are interested in our whacky road issues at them moment.

E) Crap. I didn't see it.

wintermuse x9 said...

Sorry, Mac--we aren't scheduled to visit Kansas City until late March or very early April.

Our "road tour" is proceeding according to plan, and we will have another major display timed for the evening of November 4th, in Washington, D.C., just after the polls close, just to "liven things up" a bit.

We will be landing right next to the Jefferson Memorial, in a duplicate of the monument. We really like that circular dome shape, ya know. Hilarity is scheduled to ensue shortly thereafter.

In the meantime, we do have these nice, velvety "roadie" jackets available for those earthlings not able to attend any of our events, with the words "Alien Road Show--2008 North American Tour" emblazoned on the back in finely- stitched needlepoint. Only $79.95 at your local Roswell gimcrack, geegaw, and trinkets outlet!

Very popular. Going fast! Get yours today! 8^}

Mac said...

UFOs in St. Louis and Cap'n Marrrrk doesn't see 'em. No one said the world was fair.

W.M. Bear said...

God, that site strikes me as incorporating all the worst cliches about UFO reports in the popular media. In fact, if someone wanted to do an intellectual send-up of popular "UFOlogy" they couldn't find a better source....