Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The SETI Institute and UFOs

The SETI Institute, an effort to detect incoming radio signals from deep space, goes to considerable lengths to distance itself from UFO research, an endeavor it equates with the lunatic fringe. Its motives are clear enough: Although the origin of UFOs is the subject of much dispute, the subject has become spectacularly polarized. But the divisive climate that has kept UFO research marginalized is almost wholly political, with potential scientific merit eclipsed by the very "laugher curtain" that discourages many scientists from addressing the UFO evidence in the first place.

This (not to be confused with post is based on a screed that previously appeared here at Posthuman Blues.

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W.M. Bear said...

You really nailed old Seth in that one, Mac. I especially like your point about his obviously unscientific, biased approach to the UFO phenomenon coloring (in a decidedly negative way) his SETI research.

BTW, I keep meaning to post responses to your articles ON but somehow PB seems a more comfortable, familiar venue for these....