Saturday, March 08, 2008

UFO Meeting Did NOT Take Place

Therefore, Mr. Lorant has left the FEA, and the president of that organization, Michel Ribardiere, has issued a statement to the effect that the visit was probably "fiction." Michael Salla's report of the event also came from Gilles Lorant, and has no independent source. In France, such misrepresentations are illegal, and Michel Ribardiere has issued the following additional statement, "Considering the infiltration of many foreign UFO organizations by unscrupulous individuals, who have sometimes attempted to sabotage their operations, the F.E.A reserves the right to bring this whole affair before the courts."

The only thing more shocking than if this meeting had actually occurred as described is that that the story's being retracted by Unknown Country.


W.M. Bear said...

There seems to be something about the whole subject of UFOs that encourages hoaxing. I would argue that this propensity is due in part to the simple fact that, as an area of inquiry, UFO research has few if any very solid or consistent standards of evidence to say nothing of the fact that the entire field rests almost entirely on hypotheses and speculation that are, in principle, unverifiable.

In spite of all this, personally, I remain open-minded about some of the major possibilities described in this speculation and these hypotheses. But I also remain extremely pessimistic that there will be a resolution of the major questions and problems posed by UFO research any time soon.

Anonymous said...

There's no doubt in my mind based on official FOI and related documents that many governments have "official knowledge". The problem is that we are still a remarkably petty and bureaucratic civilization. It's all about control, power, maintaining a broken and mostly illusory stability.

Each time I read a story about supposed "disclosure" efforts I give a bit of a chuckle. I mean look at the -beeping- mess the world is in right now. These people don't give a rats ass about disclosure. That would just mess up their little power monopoly.

The kind of change the greater human family truly wants can't happen under the current power structure. We all want and need transformative change. The big lie is that we are made to believe this is not the case. Disclosure is just one of many bits of info this civilization desperately needs right now.