Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Seven mysterious creatures of Japan

Tales of unidentified mysterious animals have long intrigued and captured the imagination of people around the world -- and Japan is no exception. Here is a brief introduction to 7 of the island nation's most notorious cryptids, complete with grainy photographs where available.


Anonymous said...

Just stopping in to say hello, and also to let you know that I unfortunately closed the 'ANTI-GRAVITY CHAMBER' at my website, due to the fact that those invited simply didn't have the time to dedicate to the project. And do to a variety of server problems over the past few months, the website is about pissing me off anyway.

So, I've opened a new blog which I'll use to kinda spread some of the info around without depending on a forum environment.

I just started it a couple days ago and have never used Livejournal before, but if you have any tips or pointers, coding applications, to help a new blogger out, I'd surely appreciate it.

OK, take it easy. Hope to keep in touch.


Anonymous said...


Might I suggest using a slightly larger font, and something other than dark yellow text on a dark brown background? It's not very easy to read otherwise.