Thursday, May 15, 2008

World's animal population has plummeted by a third since the 1970s

According to the WWF, most of the vanishing animals are victims of overfishing, intensive farming, habitat loss, wildlife trade, pollution or manmade climate change.

The conservation charity humans are consuming about 25 per cent more natural resources than the Earth can replace.

The report comes ahead of a major UN meeting on biological diversity next week which will discuss ways of cutting the rate of loss by 2010.


May said...

Just one more reason I'm not gonna eat meat again.

Mac said...

You're from KC? I'm contemplating a jail-break, myself. Enough with this rat's nest of mediocrity.

Steve Mills said...

Interesting statistic isn't it, between our biomass and our polluting of the world it might be humans are the only ones left at the end of the party