Thursday, May 15, 2008

Solar-powered bra displays text, holds drinks

The green, high-quality cotton bra features a waist-mounted solar panel that powers a small, chest-mounted electronic billboard or any other electronic device you choose to connect. A pair of reusable drink containers attach to the bra cups, allowing the wearer to reduce consumption of aluminum cans and plastic bottles while increasing bust size.

Saving the planet and increasing bust size, you say? That has to be worth a Nobel Prize or two.

Pink Tentacle also points the way to this hypnotic collection of black-and-white animated GIFs.


schnoo-schnoo said...

I, for one, welcome out busty, Japanese, solar-powered overlords.

May Gopod forgive me... 6^}

mad said...

Haha, I love Pink Tentacle.

You guys should team up on a new blog, something like "The Pink and Blue"...

And of course, ahem, I'd be a contributor as well to this prestigious web destination... :)

Mac said...

Pink Tentacle rules!