Thursday, May 29, 2008

UFO blamed for mystery explosion in Vietnam

Islanders on Phu Quoc, close to the coast of Cambodia, heard a loud bang and saw shards of metal up to 5ft-long raining down on them on Tuesday morning.

Local armed forces and volunteers were mustered to help rescue any survivors, believing there had been a disaster.

Includes picture.


intense said...

"Includes picture."

And, as that picture clearly shows, the debris is most likely from either a private aircraft or possibly military vehicle, given the L-angle beams (with standard
bracket/attachment holes) displayed next to the blackened (probably scorched from the explosion) fuselage fragment. Also, as indicated in an earlier story, the inside of the larger fragments are painted a yellowish green, a common interior anti-oxidant painted surface coating for aircraft. Not, as in the common parlance, a UFO.

Interestingly, when the photo is blown up 400%, you can see what appear to be thread-like, fibrous edges on the main crack of the fragment (horizontally parallel to the left of the brown shoes the guy standing up is wearing).

If that indicates carbon-fiber, this could have been a newer private jet or possibly even a stealthy, RAM-coated, military surveillance aircraft, but that's just idle speculation, of course. Or is it!? Heh! 8^}

(If the "stealthy" latter, we probably won't be hearing about anyone claiming the debris anytime soon, as that would imply an American surveillance jet, and exploding in the airspace of a communist country is generally considered a plausibly deniable no-no...)

Mac said...

You don't get it, do you Intense? The UFO was obviously *intended* to look just like a terrestrial airplane in case of a mishap! ;-)

intense said...

D'oh! Darn shape-shifting, human aircraft-like UFOs!

I'll remember your words of infinite wisdom, next time I see what only appears to be a civilian airliner taking off from my local airport! "Won't get fooled again!" 8^}

Phentermine said...

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