Saturday, October 11, 2008

McCain booed after trying to calm anti-Obama crowd

A sense of grievance spilling into rage has gripped some GOP events this week as McCain supporters see his presidential campaign lag against Obama. Some in the audience are making it personal, against the Democrat. Shouts of "traitor," "terrorist," "treason," "liar," and even "off with his head" have rung from the crowd at McCain and Sarah Palin rallies, and gone unchallenged by them.

McCain changed his tone Friday when supporters at a town hall pressed him to be rougher on Obama. A voter said, "The people here in Minnesota want to see a real fight." Another said Obama would lead the U.S. into socialism. Another said he did not want his unborn child raised in a country led by Obama.

This is creeping me out. Seriously.


The Odd Emperor said...

I suppose I should be glad; this kind of anger heralds the complete desperation of the McCain/Palin ticket. McCain's anger and frustration (which can be plainly seen in his countenance) could only appeal to the far-right nutball contingent.

But then again I remember that these people voted for G.W Bush, and he won, twice!

Pisces Iscariot said...

Bush's winning is a contentious issue - Robert Mugabe's election tactics are only marginally less subtle that those employed by the Bush machine.

Deejayneko said...

Yikes! I'm from MN and am shocked that this came from one of "our" rallies. Granted, there are tons of rural folks where this type of garbage might be expected, but I honestly rarely see a McCain sticker on a car in the Twin Cities, which lakeville is near. Just goes to show religious nutbags continue to make press.

Anonymous said...

People are behaving this way because the economic crisis is scaring them. Fear creates mobs -- and Obama is an easy target, since he's a black man who also happens to be smarter than most of them.

Ken Y.

Mac said...


I'm afraid you're right.