Saturday, February 28, 2009

The art of Patrick Rochon

More here.


Anonymous said...

Very nice stuff. We are light slowed down.


Justin said...

Holy crap, I've had similar photography ideas before ('painting' with lights on subjects, with long camera exposures in a dark room). Very sci-fi. Awesome!

Mac said...

Rochon's photos remind me of Rick Berry's digital impressionism.

Justin said...

I'm a little incredulous that his photos are "100% analog", but they're quite inspirational and mind-bending - I especially love the portrait work.

Thanks for the tip towards Rick Berry.

patrick rochon said...

thank you for the comment, if you need proof that it"s 100% analogue, your always welcome to visit me and check out y negatives.

patrick rochon

Anonymous said...

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I'm a photography student and colour is the theme of my my current project. I've been trying to do work very similar to yours with a a subject. The only problem is I cant get the subject to stay completely still. I keep getting blurred results as a result of the long shutter speeds. Could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a video explaining how you make such inspiring art. I actually LOVE your work. I've only just discovered you and I'm already a big fan. I look forward to seeing more videos soon!

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