Sunday, February 22, 2009

"High probability"

Fortean researcher Greg Bishop laments the popular assumption that "real" UFOs must be extraterrestrial spacecraft:

The problem with the "high probability" line of reasoning is that it uses an assumption as a proof (or near as one can get.) It requires a leap of faith to assume that other theories (tulpas, cryptoterrestrials, time travelers, etc) are less valid than the ET hypothesis, with no more going for it than our present belief structures. In this sense it shares equal weight with these other ideas, but it is nearly always presented as the only theory worthy of consideration.

Meanwhile, Nick Redfern takes a break from his typically grueling chupacabra-hunting schedule to chat about zombie movies.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Greg that it would be just as valid at this point to consider explanations other than the interstellar traveler.

And Nick wants to shoot any alien he sees. Very funny interview.


Null said...

Short and sweet I just don't buy consciousness/quantum paradigm shifts as the key to the UFO question.
It's an answer just not a good one. Of course I could be wrong.

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