Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It kills trees dead.

Jesus. And we thought the destruction of the rainforests was proceeding at a galloping pace now.

(Found at LiLeLa.)


Anonymous said...

They mention in the YouTube comments that it's a tree-farm, not rainforest, though of course the rainforest is disappearing at a similar rate.
every year, we lose some 32 million acres (130,000 square kilometers) of tropical forests – an area equal to the size of England
Awesome machine though.

Tim said...

The Lorax is pissed, man.

Justin said...

Efficiently vicious. That actually scared the crap out of me.

Reminds me, John Shirley's Crawlers really should get a film treatment.

Mac said...


You know, I think "Crawlers" *is* going to be a film . . .

Justin said...

Really? Well that's exciting. All this wonderful movie magic and it's being wasted on franchise drek like Transformers. Hopefully the terror won't be watered down.

Laura Jane said...

wow, hideous.

i feel sad now.

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