Thursday, February 19, 2009

Humanity (reloaded)

Juan Enriquez looks past the tumult of the present to an imminent evolutionary reboot:


Anonymous said...

So...if I've got this right, we should work longer and expect less from the corporate governmental overlords. This will then allow them to rebuild the Dow Jones into the powerhouse we need it to be so that we can safely evolve as a new species into the future while cutting the military budget 3% a year at the same time spending less on medical care for an aging population.

Clearly one of the most disjointed presentations I've heard in some time.


eyemage said...

reading anything i can on this guy now...

Mac said...


It's an odd little presentation and would have benefited (IMO) from dispensing with the economic pontification.

Anonymous said...

When 50% of the population is working, they have to finance the other 50%. But when only 10% of the population is working, this becomes a problem.
These numbers are just an example, but this trend is real and happening right now and one of the reasons is increase in life expectancy. (And hence a growing percentage of elderly who's pensions, health care etc have to be paid for.)
One obvious solution is working longer. There might be other solutions, but it's certainly not as stupid as first commenter makes it seem. (And this is a global trend btw.)

Now clearly you can tell that I am not an economist (who would be able to explain this much more eloqently), but I know this much, and if you have been following recent developments I would think that you should too.

Not to say that I am happy with the current capitalistic system (or that I am a communist), but it's what we have to deal with right now.

Anonymous said...

As per usual I forgot to say that this trend has nothing to do with the current financial crisis, wich however shows nicely how fucked up our current capitalistic system really is, especially in view of the fact that it created a world-wide recession costing god knows how many jobs. That's real jobs, real lives.
Thx a lot.