Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Even better than the real thing?

The Immaculate designer prosthesis

Immaculate is a neurological prosthetic that will be connected to a user's central nervous system. The exterior of the prosthetic is textile clad in Corian plates which, in principle, will allow embedded technology to be seamlessly integrated. This material will also give the prosthetic a clear graphical identity. In addition, each joint is a globe joint, allowing a larger freedom of movement than a normal human arm.

Imagine a future where prosthetics are so advanced -- so immanently fashionable -- that consumers voluntarily dispense with their natural limbs to take advantage of the latest model.

I'm not entirely sure I like that image; it implies a society driven by commercially mandated obsessions not unlike our own current infatuation with iPhones and ever-smaller laptop computers.

And just what happens to all those severed arms, anyway?


Anonymous said...

I'll bet those kind of advanced prosthetics would be so expensive they could end up costing you an arm and a leg...oh, sorry.

Mac said...


Anonymous said...

I'd have my severed limb stuffed and
mounted in my den, of course.

Upon reading the post, my mind's eye
immediately zoomed in on a factory
pumping out multi-globe-jointed designer dongs for the man of the future. He'll have some stiff competition when those robotic sex slaves hit the market.

Anonymous said...

Aimee Mullins: How my legs give me super-powers