Friday, February 06, 2009

New prospects for augmented reality

MIT researchers create cheap "sixth-sense" ubiquitous computing device

According to the researchers, the gadget (unveiled by MIT researcher Pattie Maes at the Technology, Entertainment, Design [TED] conference currently underway in Long Beach, California) uses about $300 U.S. worth of store-bought components, and can do things like recognize items on store shelves, retrieve and project information about products, look at an airplane ticket and let the user know whether the flight is on time, or recognize books in a book store, project reviews or author information from the Internet onto blank pages, and recognize articles in newspapers and retrieve the latest related stories or video from the Internet.

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Anonymous said...

Something like this was also in Postsingular (if I'm not horribly misremembering) and it seemed like one of those too cool to be true things, but here we are. :)