Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is the future history?

Lovelock: "We can't save humanity"

James Lovelock was on BBC's Radio 4 this morning, promoting his new book The Vanishing Face of Gaia. It was a great to hear him, even if what he said wasn't the most uplifting of messages.

Lovelock explained his belief that humanity as we know is a goner. Earth cannot feed 6 going on 7 billion people, he said.

Pressed by the interviewer he took a punt and suggested there could be just 1 billion of us left in 100 years time.

Lovelock's point seemed to be that we should give up on trying to save the planet and the entirety of the human species by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and focus instead on equipping "lifeboat nations" with the necessary infrastructure (schools, roads, houses) to support swarms of climate refugees.

(Via Futurismic.)


kcotae said...

I've always felt that overpop was the biggest threat to humankind. Problem is that for some reason governments seem to want the birthrate to increase.

Anonymous said...

Not in the developing world (I don't think)... the world is out of whack.

Henry said...

He's right, but unless my math's off, 1 billion is still a lot of humanity.

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