Sunday, March 01, 2009

"My name is Albert Einstein. I am a physicist."

Robot Replica of Albert Einstein (with video)

The ground-breaking model, which recognises and responds to human emotions, uses 31 motors and a patented flesh-like material called Frubber to make lifelike facial expressions.

Scientists hope it will defy the perception that human-like robots are "creepy" and could be the first step to making robots emotionally sensitive, preventing a "Matrix"-style war between man and machine.

Einstein, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist noted for his theory of relativity, was chosen for the model because he appears "lovable and emotionally accessible", as well as being a universally esteemed scientist.

I like the hubris in that second paragraph. Although to be fair, this is one of the best attempts to create an emotive android face that I've ever seen.

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Anonymous said...

"My name is Albert Einstein. I am a physicist. We come in peace."