Thursday, September 28, 2006

Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" TV series -- online in its entirety (at least for now).

This is a very good thing, as I

a.) don't have a TV


b.) haven't seen every episode, despite having once been something of a Saganite. (I suppose I still am; only now Sagan's rubbing shoulders with a much larger crowd of influences . . . and presumably enjoying it.)


Chris said...

Ughh. the image quality is terrible. God I hate the internet sometimes. Seriously, even a cheapo TV will display this priceless gem of a series better than crappy google video.

Sorry for the rant, but we have a right to expect the internet to be better than this by the year 2006.

Mac said...

I'm actually tempted to get a cheap -- preferably used -- TV/VCR combo so I can comb through obscure videotapes...

Paul Kimball said...


For GOD'S SAKE, get a freakin' TV!!

I say that not only as your friend, but also as a television producer.



Mac said...

I've got nothing against TVs...

(No, wait -- I'm lying. I *hate* the f*cking things!)

...but, as always, it's because of the crap that's on them. So a VCR combo is certainly within the realm of possibility.