Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sauceruney invites you to compare his 2001 synthetic perspective image of the Face on Mars with the new "horned" version released by the ESA, seen here.

(At least the Discovery caption concedes that the Face has a "strange" shape and qualifies its geological verdict with "probably" -- by far the most honest journalism on this contentious issue I've seen from a "mainstream" source.)


Carol Maltby said...

Sauceruney, I wonder if you can generate some information on the steps you took to get their data to look this way, that others can see and compare with their own methods. I would like to see transparency on both sides of the issue, and if Our Side developed a habit of doing so, it might be a good counter to mainstream claims.

On my "to do" list is to one of these days put together a Face on Mars debunker bingo card, like the wonderful one that Operation Yellow Elephant did to publicise all the young Republicans who support the war but want someone else to fight it.

Unknown said...

Carol, that's a great idea for the bingo card. I know I described the process a while back, but never did a step by step with numbers. When I made that I was more in a hurry to see the final result.

(and thanks, I'm well aware of jesus general and operation yellow elephant ;) heheh)

Carol Maltby said...

The caption may have sounded more open, but don't forget that those who write the article generally aren't the ones who write the captions.