Friday, September 22, 2006 lets you send email to your future self . . . assuming, of course, that

a.) you're still alive


b.) the Net's still around ten or twenty years from now. Maybe we'll have graduated to exclusively pheromonal communication or telepathy of some sort, all safe in the omnipotent hands of The Dood.

Conversely, the planet might be a greenhouse hell where people spend free moments cannibalizing the carcasses of obsolete computers to make better water extractors.


Philip Shropshire said...

There's a great Greg Egan short story about this sort of thing except you're talking in real time, say 2020, to your former self now. The joke is even if your life is miserable in 2020 you don't want your past self to know and suicide out so you just keep feeding yourself happy happy thoughts...its all good news from the future.

Philip Shropshire

Mac said...

Leave it to Egan. I love his stuff.