Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Future Hi - Future Goodbye

Selfishness, greed, thirst for power and whatever other strange and dark Machievellian fantasies they might be entertaining, mean jack squat at this point. The state of the world is crumbling. We are dying. Civilization is on it's last legs. This charade called market capitalism has taken us to the brink. Every long-term and intelligent strategic maneuver that could have shifted things toward a sustainable growth vector have been scrapped in favor of this batshit crazy neo-con global zero-sum end-game. Stupid, stupid, and more stupid.

Another victim of the blues?


W.M. Bear said...

First, admit that's it all fucked up. Really feel it in the bottom of your heart. Let yourself become totally open to just how bad it really is, feel the pain, the heartache of the suffering within yourself, the damage you are doing just by living in a modern technological culture. Express loving-kindness, first to yourself, then to others. Continue to expand and open your heart, until it encompasses all living things, even, and especially to your "enemies".

Become a Sacred Activist. By having compassion, we can become witnesses to this Great Death, and in turn understand its necessity, and thereby midwife a New Birth.

Oh, please. Extreme rhetoric of this sort, even anti-capitalist, pro-environment rhetoric does nobody any good. All this kind of language does is to get people mentally worked up in a way that simply makes their lives more difficult without really empowering them. In this regard, it's not in essence different from the fundie bullshit that the clueless masses have preached at them every Sunday morning.

razorsmile said...

Makes their lives more difficult ... WHAT? What the hell are you talking about? People ignore the truths expressed above every time they wake up in the morning. That's what people do. If we actually acknowledged it, we'd be duty-bound to do something about it. Instead, we keep our heads down and hope desperately that worldwide catastrophe doesn't happen in our lifetime.

Mac said...

And yet, on a certain level, I know where he's coming from. I share his sense of ennui and futility -- even is said ennui and futility are uncalled for.

Perhaps it actually would be empowering for us to admit -- for once -- that the world is in a dreary state, if not to explicitly revel in it.

Or we can just keep clicking channels and hope it all goes away.