Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Galaxy Alive with Civilizations

The paper thus makes a contribution to the growing field of what might be called 'advanced SETI,' the study of which involves methods like Shechtman's and goes well beyond current efforts that are limited to eavesdropping for signals in radio and optical frequencies. If a change to SETI outlook is needed, as Milan Ćirković and others have argued for some time now, then developing the analytical tools to apply to future SETI efforts could teach us much about life's potential for altering natural processes that might otherwise seem ineluctable.

Fascinating post. One idea worth consideration is that advanced "postsingular" intelligences harness the immense computational prowess of the Cosmos itself, as suggested by Rudy Rucker. In that case, "they" might be effectively hidden, embedded in the universe's very fabric.

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W.M. Bear said...

If "advanced SETI" is correct, then what we have to "look forward to" is some form of "assimilation," right? Ala Clarke in Childhood's End and 2001 and Sagan in Contact? Ah well. The New Jerusalem in Revelation is an enormous cube, so maybe it actually houses the ultimate VR supercomputer where the Rapture and the Singularity meet and shake hands....