Sunday, September 17, 2006

I want this surgery over with. Insurance allowing, I might even go under the knife tomorrow; I'll know soon enough.

Anyway, I'm blog-surfing in a possibly futile attempt to calm down after a day of (largely unwarranted) stress and general loathing of the whole suburban milieu . . .


Katie said...

I'm sure everything will be fine. :o) Have a nice calm recovery, and just keep in mind how much better you'll feel when it's all over.

I'll be stressing a-plenty this coming week, so send yours my way...a little extra won't make much of a difference.

weevee: pydncrqh. What I'll be muttering under my breath quite a bit the next few days. ;o)

Mac said...

Is FedEx OK with you? I can overnight it if you want...

Katie said...

Sure. Bring it on! :o)

Carol Maltby said...

Keep us posted.

It's nothing that lecithin could help?

My personal experience with lecithin for gallbladder pain has been that for certain gall bladder issues, it is wonderful.

When I have eaten something that is too fatty
I sometimes will get a lot of gall bladder pain. Years ago it was bad enough that I was concerned that I might have to have it removed. But I find a couple of lecithin capsules really work swiftly.

You may have some other problem for which it wouldn't be indicated, but I'd suggest you at least look into whether it would be useful before having surgery.

Mac said...

When I have eaten something that is too fatty I sometimes will get a lot of gall bladder pain.

My impression is that this is a long-term build-up, not a one-off thing. Apparently there's a risk my gall bladder could even swell up and become septic . . . in which case I'd honestly just like to get it taken out.

But I'll certainly weigh my options. Looks like I'll be getting a CAT scan tomorrow, if not the operation itself. Maybe they'll decide surgery isn't necessary -- although I doubt it.

Truthfully, the insurance hassle is worse than the actual malady.