Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ten more science fiction novels you've never read . . .

1.) And the Angel with Television Eyes (John Shirley)
2.) The End of the Dream (Philip Wylie)
3.) Virgin Planet (Poul Anderson)
4.) World Without Men (Charles Eric Maine)
5.) The Dosadi Experiment (Frank Herbert)
6.) Thorns (Robert Silverberg)
7.) The Hormone Jungle (Robert Reed)
8.) Blade Runner: A Movie (William S. Burroughs)
9.) Deus X (Norman Spinrad)
10.) In the Drift (Michael Swanwick)


Chris said...

Ha! Read "The End of the Dream". So there's only nine new novels on my reading list...

Mac said...

Drat! This is the second time in a row someone's read one one of my "never read" SF titles.