Sunday, September 24, 2006

So you don't get bored while I'm under the knife tomorrow:

Lunar Photo of the Day

The Methuselah Foundation

Yummy Wakame


Loving the Machine



Katie said...

Let me be the first to congratulate you on your laparoscopic procedure! As a man, you'll have the rare treat of experiencing the bloating, crampy, and fatigued feelings that most women go through every month thanks to PMS. ;o)

Love the drugs...they'll help you through it, I promise.

platts42 said...

Good Luck Mac!

it's me said...

best of luck!--hurry back--

NullSpin said...

He was an angry sludge filled organ but he will be missed. Rest In Peace Gall Bladder, may you find happiness under the great liver of the sky.

p.s. um.... if your not going to keep your gall bladder...forget it. See you back soon.

Robert said...

all the best to you, Mac!

mister ecks said...

good luck mac!

Chris said...

Speedy Recovery!!!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes! Get well soon!