Friday, September 22, 2006

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by Google (fiction by Bruce Sterling)

Okay, sure: I know I sound pretty depressed. Us teenage poets depress easily. You know what they tell me whenever I rant like this? "Get a hobby." Play imaginary fantasy computer games! That is allowed me! Wow, thanks! When she nursed me as a baby, my Mom dropped me right on my head to play Wonder-World of Witchcraft. I sure know where that story goes. If "religion is the opiate of the people", then immersive multiplayer 3D virtual worlds are hard-core Afghani heroin. My Mom will never make it back into the labor force: Mom's way too busy building herself up to 146th-level SuperMasonic Tolkien-Fantasy Ultra-Elf Queen. Like that helps!

I'd love to hear Sterling read this aloud. Maybe there's a podcast . . .

(If you're a Morrissey fan you're likely to catch the "Suedehead" parody at the end.)

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